Ships Husbandry in Galveston, TX

The Port of Galveston, TX used to be the second busiest port next to New York City and was known as the “Wall Street of the South.” And while the Port of Galveston now has competition, it’s still a bustling port with state of the art facilities and the only Texas port to home port vacation cruise ships.

When you’re shipping cargo here, the sheer size and types of facilities available in Galveston, TX can be overwhelming. Between knowing if you qualify and what you need to qualify to use the Foreign Trade Zone, to booking the correct dock, or accessing one of the two marine repair facilities, having access to a reputable, full-service shipping agency with local knowledge and local contacts is crucial.

Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc has been an independent, local, family operated business since 1991. We pride ourselves on providing you with unparalleled service, knowledge, and complete satisfaction. Take a look at the services we can bring you when your vessel docks at the Port of Galveston:

  • Full Vessel Agency Attendance
  • Ship Husbandry Service
  • Maritime and Port Security Services
  • Government Compliance Solutions
  • Port Vendor Management Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Bulk Product Loading and Unloading
  • Cargo Operations Service
  • Ships Management Service
  • Salvage Company Alignment
  • And More

Let us take care of all the aspects of your ship’s visit to the Port of Galveston from bunkering to freight forwarding and more. We can help you with crew transfers, getting your cargo into storage and onto trains, and make sure your vessel is cleaned, stocked, maintained and ready to go back out to sea.

When you’re looking for maritime services for your vessel docking at the Port of Galveston, TX, look no further than Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. Call us today.