Ships Husbandry in Mobile, AL

The Port of Mobile, AL is the 9th largest port in the United States. LOcated along the Mobile River, it has deep water terminals with direct access to 1,500 miles of intracoastal and inland waterways that serve the Great Lakes, the Ohio and Tennessee river valleys and the Gulf of Mexico. When your vessel comes into the port in Mobile, AL, you’re ideally located with immediate access to

  • Interstate highways
  • Class 1 railroads
  • The CG Railway rail ferry service to Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, México

The Port of Mobile, AL is the largest break bulk forests product port in the United States and the home to one of the largest coal terminals in the United States as well. Making sure you have everything taken care of from berth booking to customs documents and other logistics requires in depth knowledge and established relationships with local authorities and vendors.

Here at Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc., we have over five decades of experience providing maritime services to vessels in the forest products and coal industries here in Mobile, AL. We pride ourselves on being thorough and providing you with unparalleled service that you can’t get from a big box shipping agent. We provide a wide variety of shipping agency services including:

  • Full Vessel Agency Attendance
  • Ships Husbandry Service
  • Maritime and Port Security Services
  • Government Compliance Solutions
  • Port Vendor Management Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Container Ship Management
  • Bulk Product Loading and Unloading
  • Cargo Operations Service
  • And More
  • No matter what size cargo or vessel you own or charter, the staff at Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc in Mobile, AL can handle all the details from ships husbandry to logistics and government compliance solutions. When you have freight shipping through Mobile, AL and beyond, you can count on Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc’s superior service. Contact us today.