Five Tips for Finding the Right Freight Forwarding Company

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Finding port services in TX is no easy matter unless you have a few guiding principles. Making the wrong choice could mean lost cargo or late deliveries, which never helps your bottom line. In order to help this task proceed in a less daunting manner, here are five tips for finding the right freight forwarding company to handle your port services:

  • Confirm legal compliance: Companies performing freight forwarding services must be properly licensed and registered. Failure in this department often results in inadequate insurance coverage if something goes wrong, and few remedies if there is a breach of contract. Reputable companies should be able to provide their NVOCC number, and if this is not readily available, be wary.
  • Ensure proper loading services: Every company offers different cargo loading services. They may include warehouse loading, live load and drop and pull. Some companies may offer one type of service, and others may give customers options. Warehouse loading involves packing and loading items into the warehouse and transporting them to port. Live load is a when items are picked up from your home or business and then taken to port once you are packed, often with a strict deadline. Drop and pull is the easiest but most expensive—you have days rather than hours to pack, and the container is taken to port by the company. Know what you are getting into with these services before making a final decision.
  • Know the correct container size: If you are moving large items, you need to make sure the company offers containers large enough to accommodate them. Knowing you need a 40’ container but later discovering that only 20’ containers are available will be a bad surprise. Also, items that are sensitive to heat or cold need temperature-controlled containers that may not be offered by all companies. Know what you need for containers, and most importantly, make sure your chosen freight company has them.
  • Ask about tracking tools: Technology offers many options for knowing when your cargo dispatches and arrives. This will include live tracking apps and emails that send status updates. These tools can be very reassuring if you are shipping vital personal goods or valuable items. Some companies may offer these tools for additional fees, while others include them in the price. Ask questions and see if these tools are even an option, and if so, how much extra you may need to pay.
  • Review safety records: You wish for your items to arrive safely and intact. Even if the goods remain safe in cases of accidents, that event can delay your shipment. Most companies will offer their safety certifications on their websites, or a quick Google search can reveal any past accidents. If you are concerned about the safety of your cargo and the reliability of the vessels, you can also ask. Any hesitancy to share this information is likely a good sign that you should keep interviewing other companies.

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