Cargo Handling 101: Learn the Basics of Cargo Handling in Texas

March 23, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever wondered how all the products you buy get from a factory across the globe to the retailers’ shelves? Every day, myriad shipments come and go from ports around the world. Warehouses, stockrooms and shipping stations are bustling with activity 24/7. Who oversees all this work? That’s where cargo handling in Texas comes in. Here’s the basics. What is cargo handling? Businesses that need to move product from place to place hire companies to manage their cargo handling in Texas. These companies coordinate incoming and outgoing shipments for the business. The cargo agent facilitates air, rail, road and... View Article

What Is Ship Management?

March 9, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Restaurant management involves running an eating establishment. Account management requires detailed bookkeeping. Store management means operating a retail business. What about ship management in Texas? As the name implies, this service manages ships. However, as with any type of management, a lot goes into this task. Following are the top FAQs to help familiarize yourself with ship management in Texas. What is ship management? When a ship owner prefers to own and profit from a vessel but does not want to personally handle the ship’s operations, the owner can contact with a ship management company. This company manages the ship... View Article