What Is Ship Management?

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Restaurant management involves running an eating establishment. Account management requires detailed bookkeeping. Store management means operating a retail business. What about ship management in Texas?

As the name implies, this service manages ships. However, as with any type of management, a lot goes into this task. Following are the top FAQs to help familiarize yourself with ship management in Texas.

What is ship management?

When a ship owner prefers to own and profit from a vessel but does not want to personally handle the ship’s operations, the owner can contact with a ship management company. This company manages the ship and its transactions. The ship management company and the owner sign a contract for a specified period of time. This contract details the yearly amount the management company will pay the owner and any other specifications agreed upon.

Does ship management cover everything?

In some cases, ship management may cover some of the ship’s services, but not all. It is up to the owner if they want to lease the ship completely to the company or contract for partial services. If they decide to use the ship management company in Texas for all their vessel’s needs, they can do so. The various tasks that ship management companies handle include:

  • Maintenance: The ship management company handles the maintenance and repairs of the ship. They supervise these tasks to ensure the ship is properly cared for and remains in optimal condition.
  • Crew: To man the vessel, the ship management company provides adequate crew.
  • Cargo management: The ship management company in Texas makes arrangements to load and unload cargo to and from the ship.
  • Transactions: On behalf of the owner, the company can hire out the ship for work.
  • Negotiations: Part of the company’s services can include negotiating oil contracts for the ship.
  • Insurance: One of the main duties of a ship management company is often to arrange for insurance for the vessel.
  • Claims: The company may handle salvage, insurance and other types of claims for the owner.
  • Supplies: In addition to supplying the crew for the ship, the management company also provides food and other supplies for the crew.

Can an owner change ship management companies?

Yes, the owner may decide if they are satisfied with the ship management company in Texas and continue their agreement with them. They may also approach another company to change services. The owner may also decide to keep only part of their services with the ship management company.

Who Should I Call for Ship Management in Texas?

A ship is a significant investment. If you are going to entrust its operations to a ship management company in Texas, you want to be sure they are worthy of your trust. At Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc., we offer in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in ship management services. Our detailed, efficient and profitable operations of ships leave owners completely satisfied with our work. Contact us today to take advantage of our full-service benefits. We look forward to partnering with you for many successful voyages ahead.

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