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Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Maritime Service

June 7, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re looking for a safe and dependable way to move commodities, finished products or raw materials across long distances, you may want to consider procuring a maritime service, particularly if you’re needing to transport goods overseas. Unfortunately, the international nature of the maritime services industry makes it challenging to regulate, meaning that it can be difficult for businesses to find a reputable shipping agency capable of safely and securely moving their goods from place to place. It’s important to only work with a trusted maritime services provider in order to protect yourself against cargo loss and ensure that your... View Article

What Are Maritime Services, and Are They Right for Your Needs?

October 24, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you run an import or export company, haul oil or petrochemicals or ship consumer products or goods overseas, your fleet of cargo ships is your livelihood—and it’s your employees’ livelihood, too. It is for this reason that everything must go smoothly. However, it can be difficult for you and your staff to do everything yourselves, especially since there’s so much riding on your vessels’ ability to perform. From ship schedules to crew recruitment and training, the sheer amount of things to consider can quickly become overwhelming for a small or medium-sized logistical staff. Luckily, there are options that can... View Article

Make Your Vessel More Energy-Efficient: Six Helpful Ideas

July 19, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s no secret that the maritime industry has a significant effect on the environment. Ships consume large amounts of energy and contribute to harmful carbon emissions, but they also have been shown to be more environmentally friendly than many other forms of shipping. So what is the best way to balance the pros and cons of shipping via water? New technologies and techniques have made it possible to implement energy-efficient policies and equipment on board ships of all types. In order to align with environmental regulations, you may need to meaningfully reduce your vessel’s impact on the planet. Here are... View Article

Five Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Benefit Your Ship

July 19, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

The demands of working in the maritime industry can keep you busy, from shipping schedules to government compliance to last-minute logistical issues. With so much on your plate, you can’t afford delays in regular operations due to equipment problems. You probably already have a maintenance schedule in place for your vessel, but you may not know all of the benefits associated with preventative maintenance. Here are some of the ways preventative maintenance can help you with your ship management in Beaumont, TX: It can save energy. Equipment that is in less-than-optimal working order has to work a lot harder to... View Article