Make Your Vessel More Energy-Efficient: Six Helpful Ideas

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It’s no secret that the maritime industry has a significant effect on the environment. Ships consume large amounts of energy and contribute to harmful carbon emissions, but they also have been shown to be more environmentally friendly than many other forms of shipping. So what is the best way to balance the pros and cons of shipping via water?

New technologies and techniques have made it possible to implement energy-efficient policies and equipment on board ships of all types. In order to align with environmental regulations, you may need to meaningfully reduce your vessel’s impact on the planet. Here are some areas in which you can institute greener practices for responsible freight shipping in Beaumont, TX:

  • Route planning: When coordinating how you’ll ship cargo to its final destination, you can reduce your environmental footprint by choosing routes and logistics that are more efficient. Your navigational officer can help with ways to achieve this, such as using speed optimization measures.
  • Generators: Whether you’re at sea or at port, you should shut off any equipment that isn’t currently being used in order to ease up on the generators. Additionally, you should use equipment like cranes, air compressors and lighting only when and as long as it’s absolutely necessary. This can help reduce the generators’ burden as well.
  • Boilers: To save energy, you should aim to use about 80 percent of one boiler’s capacity before you think about running a second boiler. Also, consider turning off any additional boilers for a time when they aren’t actively being used. Attempt to use the composite boiler whenever and however it’s feasible to do so.
  • Winches: Avoid running the winches when you’re in port, and shut the winches off entirely after mooring and anchoring the ship. Perform regular maintenance checks on the hydraulics to make sure the winches operate at their most efficient capacity, and to prevent leaks.
  • Cargo operations: Before arranging for freight shipping in Beaumont, TX, establish proactive and regular communication with all of the business partners you’ll need to rely on during the cargo loading and unloading processes. Establish a detailed and organized plan for each stage of the process—this helps to eliminate unnecessary idling of equipment.
  • Crew services: Don’t overlook smaller-scale opportunities to save energy! Ensure that energy-efficient settings are used on laundry machines, and check that appliances in the galley are turned off when not in use. Examine freshwater faucets and pipes for signs of wear, and fix any leaks.

There are many other perks associated with making your vessel more environmentally friendly. Energy-efficient practices can lower your operations costs, bump up productivity and save money on repairs, as well as help you avoid the premature need to replace costly equipment and machinery. At Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc., we can help you identify opportunities for greener freight shipping in Beaumont, TX. We’ve been working with clients for over 25 years and have a comprehensive understanding of ship husbandry. Contact us to get started—we look forward to assisting you!

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