Look for These Six Things When Selecting a Maritime Logistics Company

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Shipping items is heavily regulated, and government compliance solutions in TX are at the forefront of considerations. When you are looking for a maritime logistics company, you need a partner who is knowledgeable and can tread this area safely, while also assuring that your cargo arrives on time and in the same condition as when you packed it. Here are six things to look for as you evaluate maritime logistics candidates:

  • In-house expertise: If a company uses outside consultants or partners with a subcontractor, they are likely not experts in government compliance or logistics. This increases the chance of errors, and there is a good likelihood that something vital will be overlooked. Seek logistics companies that hire their experts in-house rather than subcontract or consult. This will increase efficiency and allow you to rest assured that they offer reliable services.
  • Good systems: An experienced logistics company will maintain an Automated Manifest System and Automated Expert System filing, as well as maintain licensed U.S. Customs Brokers on staff. Much like with in-house expertise, you want your logistics company to be fully prepared with the correct systems and maintain them under one roof.
  • Warehousing: Sometimes cargo may be delayed due to weather or technical difficulties. If this occurs, you want a logistics company that maintains a warehouse and has a system for managing it. The warehouse should be near the port, whether it is rented or owned by the company. Also, it should always be accessible in case a contingency arises quickly. If items must be shipped offsite for warehousing if these circumstances arise, keep looking for another logistics company.
  • History of handling challenging situations: Your logistics company should handle all of it—freight forwarding, document preparation and foreign government agency compliance. This also means coordinating ground, air and sea shipment to ensure a straight line from our port in Texas to your international destination. Ask about experience handling your specific type of cargo and its destination. If the company you are considering has never shipped to your destination country before, be aware that this increases the chance of mistakes.
  • Updated licenses: Logistics companies should have updated licenses from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. If any of these licenses are expired, you risk delivery delays and even seizure of your cargo. Also, you are less likely to collect damages if anything goes wrong during shipment.
  • Relevant experience: If your shipment route includes coastline and river barge movement, ask whether the company has experience and the correct licenses. Going inland often requires separate licensing, and if your company does not have that licensing, your shipment may be stuck at a foreign port and incur warehouse costs that affect your bottom line.

Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. is available to be on top of government compliance solutions in TX as we prepare and ship your freight. We offer the logistics background to ensure smooth shipment that is on time, every time. Contact us today to make arrangements.

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