Five Helpful Tips for Hiring the Right Freight Forwarder

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One of the most important parts of the manufacturing business is getting the products you create to the markets they are meant for. This can mean embarking upon new business ventures with shipping companies and stepping out of your role as a manufacturer. But how do you know that your products are going to get where they need to be safely and on time? How do you know that the shipping company you are talking to can deliver on the promises they make in person?

Here are a few steps you should take before signing a contract with any provider of freight forwarding in TX:

  • Look into their experience and reputation: Today, it is all too easy for a company to throw up a website with a long list of services they are experienced with and accolades they did not earn. Instead of going by what they tell you alone, dig into their experience and talk with some of their former clients. If they are worth doing business with, they will provide you with a list of references to call. As in any industry, word travels fast if someone is cutting corners or being disreputable, so ask around. Don’t be shy with this step. Remember, your products and profits are going to be in their hands.
  • Browse company websites: In this day and age, it just makes sense for businesses to have a website. Here, potential clients can see what a company is all about and if they offer the products or services they need. When looking at a freight forwarder’s website, read through informational pages, including FAQs, services and reviews.
  • Consider a family-owned business: Unlike the “big guys,” a family-owned shipping business will be more likely to take the work they do to heart—after all, it’s their name on the line. Working with a smaller business also gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns, timelines and needs in a way many of the larger organizations won’t have time for. While they may be smaller, they are often willing to work twice as hard to make sure their customers are happy and want to do business with them again.
  • Ask what type of cargo they ship: It seems like an obvious question, but sometimes it’s the obvious ones that need to be brought to the top of mind. If you are producing steel girders, but the company is used to shipping household appliances, you might find yourself barking up the wrong tree. Sure, they may be able to ship a certain product, but at what cost?
  • Make sure they pride themselves on other services, too: Regardless of what you are shipping and how far it is going, be sure that the company you select does more than just shipping. A good freight forwarding company will provide other important services, like tracking, storage, cargo insurance and all of the paperwork that comes along with it.

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