Four Things to Look for When You Need Freight Forwarding in Texas

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When you’re shopping around for services like an HVAC company, plumber or insurance coverage, do you hire the first company you come across, or do a little research first? Probably the latter, because you’re likely to want to get some information on who you’ll be relying on and giving your money to. Similarly, if you are in the import/export business, finding a good freight forwarder to handle your cargo will require some homework on your part—just like looking for any other type of service provider.

Here are four things to look for in a steamship agency when you need freight forwarding in Texas.

Offers the services you need

If you have not hired a freight forwarder before or you are new to using this kind of service, then you should contact the company early to make sure they offer the exact services you need. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need—just have pertinent information about your shipment ready to share, and they can help you out. Also, a freight forwarder will likely offer a variety of international shipping options, including ocean shipping and air shipping, as well as shipping by truck or train for a part of the route.


Regardless of whether you are looking for national or international shipping services, the bottom line is that the company you choose should have a lot of experience in the shipping industry. It’s not unusual to come across companies that have been in business for decades. They know what they are doing, and when clients trust them, they will give them repeat business and recommend them to others.

Good references

Make sure the freight forwarding company you are considering has good references from over the years. One big red flag is when you cannot find a single person or business to vouch that the company did a great job handling their imports or exports. Some ways you can go about seeking references is to ask the company directly for a few contacts, go to their website and read their testimonials or check out comments on online forums. The best references are the people who are okay with you contacting them, so you can ask them a few questions.

Excellent customer service

Good customer service skills are more important than ever these days—especially when there are other companies in the area offering similar services. If you are searching for a freight forwarder to work with, here are a few things to note: Are they quick to return your calls and emails? Do they answer all your questions without confrontation? Are they willing to take you step by step through the international shipping process, if you request it? It’s also important that they pay attention to your cargo shipment and keep you updated.

A professional steamship agency will offer a myriad of ship management solutions, including freight forwarding in Texas. Don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable staff at Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. to learn more about freight forwarding and other services that can benefit your business. Call us today!

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