What Is Ship Management in Texas, and Why Do I Need It?

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If you own a large vessel but are not equipped to handle its operation, you could benefit from third-party ship management in Texas. If you own a ship as an investment and have no desire to run the ship yourself, you could also benefit from ship management.

If you’re unsure exactly what this entails, read on. Following is an overview of what this service is and how you can benefit from its offerings.

Ship Management Defined

Logically, ship management covers the process of managing a ship. Under a ship management agreement, an independent company handles ship management for the owner of the vessel for an annual fee settled on by the owner and the ship management company.

Ship Management Benefits

In return for this fee, the owner of the vessel receives multiple benefits and services for their ship. A typical ship management agreement might include:

  • Maintenance: The management company provides supervision of the machinery aboard the ship, completing any necessary maintenance and repair work on the vessel.
  • Crew: To properly man the ship, the management company provides an adequate crew to complete all operational tasks.
  • Crew supplies: In addition to providing the crew for the ship, the ship management company makes arrangements for food and other supplies the crew will need while working on the ship.
  • Cargo: A ship management company arranges for loading and unloading the cargo to and from the ship.
  • Contracts: On behalf of the owner, the ship management company can hire the ship out for delivery contracts.
  • Negotiations: As part of hiring the ship for work, the management company can negotiate rates.
  • Expenses: Whatever expenses are incurred during the operation of the ship are covered by the ship management company.
  • P & I: A management company will make arrangements for the ship to enter in the Protection and Indemnity Association.
  • Insurance: Proper coverage is essential for ship operation. Part of the ship management company’s services includes arranging for insurance for the vessel.
  • Claims: When a vessel is managed by a ship management company, the owner does not have to deal with various claims related to insurance or salvage. This is handled by the ship management company.

Ship Management Services

Reviewing this list of benefits, it’s easy to see how much is required for proper operation of a ship. For many vessel owners, these tasks are simply too much to realistically handle. A ship management company is the ideal solution to make profitable use of the vessel without becoming overwhelmed with the responsibilities.

Once a ship owner realizes the benefits of third-party ship management in Texas, the next step is to select a reliable service to entrust with their vessel.

Find Reliable Ship Management Services

Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. is a family owned and operated provider of ship management in Texas. We pride ourselves in delivering excellence in service. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we know how to provide the crew, care and cargo delivery you need to obtain optimal performance and return from your vessel. Contact our ship management experts today to discover how we can serve you and your ship.

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