What Can a Ship Management Company Do for Me?

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Managing a ship, even just one, is a labor-intensive and complicated job. From ship maintenance to staying on top of regulations and compliance guidelines, managing a ship can be a daunting task. However, regardless of what business you are in, having ships for transporting goods is likely to be beneficial to your business. So how can you get the benefits of using a ship without the added work and cost of managing it yourself? Invest in a partner for maritime shipping management in Texas!

Shipping management companies are third parties that work with private ship owners or shipping companies to deal with the process of managing their ships. Typically, a ship owner will lease a ship to a ship management company under contract for a specified duration of time and in exchange for a set monthly cost or a portion of profits. This is a win-win situation for both parties. If you’ve never worked with a third party for maritime shipping management in Texas, below are a few other benefits of this service:

  • Managing machinery maintenance: The shipping management company is responsible for the maintenance of machinery on board the ship, including different surveys and repair work. This not only saves the ship owner time and resources, but it also ensures that these vessels remain in top condition.
  • Providing a crew: Besides making sure that the ship itself is always prepared, the shipping management company is responsible for manning the vessel with an adequate number of well-trained crewmen and providing any on-boarding, training or disciplinary actions. They also manage providing for the crew, which means coordinating victuals and other supplies needed while at sea.
  • Making arrangements for loading/unloading: Shipping management companies typically have partners they work with for loading and unloading cargo, which will not only save the ship owner time and headache, but also usually allow maritime shipping management companies to reduce costs.
  • Manages insurance: There are a lot of things to consider when insuring a vessel. Dealing with various claims can also be time consuming. Maritime shipping management companies can help in this area as well by arranging for insurance for the ship and then managing any insurance claims that may arise.
  • Negotiates for bunker and lube oil: Negotiating and managing the bunkering on a ship requires the utmost care and expertise. Maritime shipping management companies can assist with this service to help cut costs and ensure the safety of the ship and its crew.
  • Handles expenses up front: A maritime shipping management company can actually handle expenses on behalf of a ship owner, which means that ship owners are not required to have funds up front to handle every cost associated with managing a ship.

If you’re interested in partnering with a company for maritime shipping management in Texas, contact Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. today! Our staff will be happy to go over our services with you and determine how we can best meet your unique needs. We look forward to working with you!

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