What Is Ships Husbandry in Beaumont, TX, and What Does It Entail?

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When a consumer goes to the store to purchase an imported product or places an order online through an international company, they might not think about all of the logistics that go into getting an item from point A to point B. However, if you are a fulfillment company or a business that ships cargo overseas, you are probably very aware of how challenging it can be to facilitate maritime shipments.

One of the most important aspects of maritime shipment facilitation is ship management, maintenance and repairs. Ship upkeep and maintenance is usually referred to as ships husbandry in Beaumont, TX, and it involves an extensive amount of service.

Ships husbandry basics

Ships husbandry is a broad term that refers to cleaning and maintaining a ship’s hull, rigging and equipment. Ships husbandry may be done when a vessel is dry-docked, but it is often done while the ship is in the water. Leaving ships in the water during husbandry saves time and money over dry docking prior to husbandry. Underwater ships husbandry is done by trained divers who will inspect a vessel and complete various services, including cleaning and maintenance with specialized underwater tools. Some aspects of the job include:

  • Inspections and testing: One of the most important tasks of husbandry divers is to inspect and test the surface of the vessel. Tests and inspections help reveal possible repair and service needs and can detect fouling organism growth.
  • Fiberglass repair: Fiberglass coatings on the hull and propellers are incredibly important for the durability and longevity of a vessel. In areas where fiberglass has been worn or damaged, husbandry divers can complete underwater repairs.
  • Hull cleaning: Hull cleaning is a very common task that’s done by husbandry divers. Hull cleaning is done to remove organisms like mussels that often grow on ships. These organisms can damage vessels and increase drag and fuel consumption when the ship is moving. Divers use water jets, scrapers and mechanical brushes to scour all parts of the hull, including thrusters, propellers and shafts.
  • Welding: Thanks to specialized welding equipment and technology, it’s possible for divers to complete ship welds underwater. Prior to welding, a diver will clean the surface of the vessel to ensure a quality weld and a strong bond.
  • Painting: After repairs or as ships age, divers who specialize in ships husbandry in Beaumont, TX might apply new paint. Divers apply paint that’s specifically designed for underwater ship application using brushes and rollers.

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