How to Choose a Freight Forwarder in Beaumont, TX

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If you’re looking for a new freight forwarder in Beaumont, TX to handle your company’s shipping needs, you might be wondering where you should start and what the most important factors are that you should consider in your search.

We’ve compiled a list of some tips to help you choose a freight forwarder that will be the best fit for you. Here are a few of those tips:

  • Make experience a priority: This is the single most important factor you should consider in your search. You need to work with a company that has the experience in shipping cargo in a variety of ways to a variety of destinations. The more experience your chosen freight forwarder has, the more likely it is that they have dealt with just about any situation that could arise, from port shutdowns to rerouting cargo and major customs and warehousing issues. Experience in all of these issues will mean your freight shipping experience should always go smoothly, even if unexpected circumstances arise, as the company will be able to adjust on a dime.
  • Correct services: You should, of course, always double check to make sure your potential freight forwarder actually offers the exact services you need for your shipment. You can find this out relatively easily by looking at the company’s website or calling the company’s customer service line. Do the services cover land, sea and air shipping, with both rail and trucking portions of land shipping included? Do they offer door-to-door services? Do they provide warehousing and distribution services? Do they offer cargo insurance? Whatever services you need, make sure you’re getting them out of your chosen freight forwarder.
  • Check references: Experience and the services you need are crucial, of course, but you always want to be sure you’re actually going to have a good experience working with the company. Even if the company has the technical ability to get the job done well and get your freight to where it needs to go, it’s important to be able to enter into the working relationship with peace of mind that your freight is in good hands. Check references online or ask the company for names of clients who have regularly worked with them in the past so you can get another client’s insight into the company’s ability to handle your job.
  • Prioritize customer service: Customer service might not be at the top of the list of things you need to consider when choosing a freight forwarder, but it’s still an important factor in having a positive business experience with the company. Are you able to easily reach out and get answers to any questions you have? Are you able to quickly get quotes for your shipping jobs? Are they willing to walk you through the processes associated with your job? These are all questions you should consider.

To learn more about the best ways to choose a freight forwarder in Beaumont, TX, we encourage you to contact the team at Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. today.

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